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We promote student collaboration towards the SDGs between institutions of higher education.

About RE17

ReImagine17 is a national community of youth working to reimagine progress towards sustainable development through intersectional and interdisciplinary collaboration. Our goal is to amplify youth action towards the SDGs by creating spaces for knowledge-sharing, program development, and advocacy between institutions of higher education.



We pilot approaches to interdisciplinary collaboration at our partner institutions


We nurture partnerships between student groups to coordinate towards ambitious goals


We coordinate advocacy initiatives between SDG student groups

Featured Projects

RE17 Toolkit: Mobilizing Youth for the Sustainable Development Goals

A collection of resources for students interested in promoting the Sustainable Development Goals on-campus and in the community. 

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Partner Institutions

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Student Community

What could we accomplish if we could bridge the gaps in access to SDG action? Provide equal access to resources and engagement opportunities for students across Canada.

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What are the Sustainable Development Goals?