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RE17 was created to address three key problems. The first is that there are no central hubs to coordinate between student-led SDG initiatives at the university level, the lack of which inhibits collaboration towards more ambitious goals. The second is that opportunities to engage with the SDGs are confined predominantly to students at core Canadian institutions and major cities, limiting the diversity of perspectives involved in SDG action. The third is that conversations surrounding sustainability and sustainable development are often siloed and separated, compromising progress towards the SDG framework. By addressing these problems, we aim to inspire more ambitious and challenging projects towards SDG engagement among student groups and Canadian universities.


Our Pillars of Action

ReImagine17 [RE17] is a national community of youth working to reimagine progress towards sustainable development through intersectional and interdisciplinary collaboration. Our goal is to amplify youth action towards the SDGs by co-creating spaces for knowledge-sharing, program development, and advocacy.


RE17 emerged from the 2020 SDSN Together Conference, where our co-founders—each representing SDG student groups at their respective universities—connected virtually and identified opportunities for further collaboration. We envisioned the creation of a national community of practice around youth-led SDG action; a space to support student-run SDG hubs and Alliances at post-secondary campuses across Canada. ReImagine 17 was the culmination of our efforts to create this space and generate momentum towards SDG engagement among our universities. 

I. Research, Re-frame, & Re-Imagine

1. Reframe dialogue and action concerning the SDGs by piloting novel approaches to interdisciplinary and intersectional collaboration.

2. Critically reflect on the strengths and limitations of the SDG framework, as we look towards and beyond the 2030 deadline for their implementation.

3. Unite diverse people and perspectives to engage in productive, effective discourse surrounding SDG framework. Minimize conflict, acknowledge difference, and highlight common goals and values.

II. Nurture Collaboration & Partnerships

1. Facilitate dialogue and collaboration across post-secondary students and student groups involved in SDG work, with a particular focus on rural, northern, and remote campuses.

2. Coordinate operations and activities between relevant student groups.

3. Facilitate knowledge exchange, with an emphasis on sharing and co-developing best practices.

4. Create resources and engage in knowledge-sharing (e.g. bilingual resources, newsletter).

5. Strengthen capacity of students from rural, northern, remote campuses to engage in SDG work (e.g. guidance/advisory support, funding, mentorship, buddy system).

6. Connect students with internships, career exploration, volunteer opportunities, and professional development relevant to SDG Work.

III. Advocate for Solutions

1. Advocate for the inclusion of youth as key stakeholders in SDG implementation and dialogues surrounding sustainability.

2. Advocate for the representation of youth voices and needs in the implementation of legislation and policy changes at the campus, regional, and national level.

What are SDG Alliances?

SDG Alliances are student-run, community centered organizations which provide programming and support for campus communities in order to raise awareness around the Sustainable Development Goals. SDG Alliances are diverse in operational models and may serve a distinct set of functions at their respective universities. However, they are brought together by a shared mission to promote SDG engagement throughout their institutions. 



  • View post-secondary campuses as potential sites for youth action, innovation, and collaboration towards sustainability

  • Recognize the value of centering youth voices and perspectives in the pursuit of sustainable futures

  • Connect diverse actors and approaches towards sustainability; create spaces for students, staff, and faculty to discuss engagement with the SDG Framework

  • Partner with local, national, and/or international efforts towards the Sustainable Development Goals to amplify institutional impact


For more information on the SDG Alliance model, see the RE17 toolkit.

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Our Programmes and Services

The RE17 Toolkit: Mobilizing Youth for the Sustainable Development Goals 

A collection of resources for students aspiring to initiate their own SDG projects and engage their university communities. 

RE17 Buddy System

A mentorship programme and a central hub for collaboration between SDG Student Initiatives.

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