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Join Our Board

ReImagine17 is moving into a new phase, and we are looking for passionate individuals to join our Board of Directors to help us navigate our growth! As we are coming up on two years since incorporation, we are working to restructure our Board and transitioning to a Working Board who will enable ReImagine17 to stay focused on our mission.

As a part of the ReImagine17 team as a Board Member, you will have an opportunity to be involved in an ever-evolving community of youth, providing the crucial direction to ensure we continue to reimagine approaches to social, environmental, and economic challenges through anti-oppressive, intersectional and interdisciplinary collaboration.

What To Expect on our Board of Directors

  • Focus on Mission: Keep ReImagine17 accountable to our mission and co-create our direction moving forward

  • Leadership: Oversee the recruitment of phenomenal staff, particularly an Executive Director, and ensure that they are well supported

  • Resources: Ensure ReImagine17 has the resources to carry out our mission, particularly through securing long-term funding, something we are in the process of!

  • Stewardship: Steward ReImagine17’s financial and non-financial resources. This includes overseeing our financial management, ensuring compliance with our governance documents and legislation, and developing necessary organizational policies. As a youth-run organization, support in this area enables us to stay focused on doing the work rather than figuring out administration!

  • Advocacy: Taking the work of ReImagine17 out where it can have greater impact - spreading the word, representing us well, and making sure we are involved in spaces that matter to push anti-oppressive action on social, environmental, and economic challenges

In the new phase of ReImagine17’s Board of Directors, we expect that your work will be front-loaded to the coming months as we work to set up a Working Board focused on securing sustainable resources that power the organization and hiring an effective team. We expect new members to commit to a 1-2 year team, attending monthly meetings, participating in thematic pods, and be responsible for governance, management, and operations until a staff team can be hired.


Chair of the Board

Ensures ReImagine17 fosters its transformative potential, deeply meeting its mission and responding to sensed need.

Vice-Chair of the Board

Working with the Chair on executing on its mission both in the present and future

Board Treasurer

Stewards ReImagine17’s financial resources to ensure we responsibly use what we are given to continue delivering on our mission.

Board Secretary

The secretary keeps score. The secretary takes note. The secretary makes known.

Board Member

Ensures ReImagine17 actually does what it set out to do, providing direction, insight, and support to execute on our mission.

Interested in joining our board?

Deadline is December 1st at 11:59pm PDT

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis so early application is encouraged!

If you have any questions or concerns about joining ReImagine17’s Board of Directors, reach out to Anjali Mishra at anjali.mishra@reimagine17.ca