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RE17 Buddy System

What is the Buddy System?

The Buddy System is a part of ReImagine17’s programming designed to develop long-term relationships between existing and emerging SDG student groups at post-secondary institutions. The purpose of the Buddy System is to establish meaningful partnerships between SDG Alliances across Canada, and to support the creation of emerging Alliances or similar student groups. 


Core Goals of the Buddy System:

  • Create sustainable relationships between student groups that lay the foundation for long-term change

  • Facilitate collaboration between students and institutions towards ambitious projects 

  • Support student leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals at Canadian universities

  • Support student groups in amplifying youth engagement with the SDGs within the post-secondary campus context

How it Works

ReImagine17 will connect students who are interested in forming an SDG Alliance at their respective institution (the “mentee”) with an established Alliance (the “mentor”), which will act as an advisor for the mentee and support their goals. We will seek to connect students with an SDG Alliance that can best provide support for their unique needs and organizational structure. Student(s) and SDG Alliances who choose to participate in the mentee stream of the  Buddy System will also gain access to RE17 Buddy System workshops. These workshops will address key strategies for engaging campus communities and for using the RE17 Toolkit to set-up or scale an SDG student group for success.


Getting Started

Interested in creating or expanding an SDG Student group? Apply to be a mentee!

Prospective applicants to the mentee stream must meet the following criteria:

  • Full time student(s) at a Canadian college or institution

  • Passionate about the Sustainable Development Goals; fundamental knowledge of the SDGs

  • Strong leadership and communication skills, self-motivated

  • Interest in developing an SDG Alliance at your institution or expanding an existing Alliance

  • Interest in connecting with SDG Alliances throughout Canada to share best practices, knowledge, and advice


Sound like you? Please fill out this form and one of our team members will be in contact shortly.

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Existing Student Groups: Apply to be a Mentor

Interested in connecting with existing student groups or supporting emerging projects? Sign up as a mentor! Established SDG Alliances will be paired with mentees who are interested in learning more about the Alliance system, or who are seeking assistance in developing their own student groups. 


Prospective applicants to the mentor stream must meet the following criteria:

  • Operating consistently for at least 1 year

  • Comprised predominantly of full time students or recent graduates from a Canadian institution

  • Interest in and passion for providing peer mentorship & sharing best practices


Sound like you? Please fill in the form below and one of our team members will be in contact shortly!

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