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Board of Directors

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Pooja Arora 

Bio forthcoming.

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Maya Dong

Bio forthcoming.

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Beth Eden

Bio forthcoming.

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Sheldon Fernandes

Sheldon is a Manager at Brightspot Climate in Vancouver and has focused the last decade of his career on sustainability and, more specifically, on climate issues. At work, his focus is on enabling strategic and efficient action on the ground to reduce emissions in the short term. He’s worked with a wide range of individuals and organizations across Canada on environmental issues. Stakeholders include consulting firms, investment firms, educational institutions, oil and gas companies, all levels of government, NGOs, field researchers, filmmakers, and start-ups.


Originally from Toronto, Sheldon moved to Vancouver to take advantage of the outdoor opportunities afforded by proximity to the mountains and the ocean, whether that’s running, cycling, hiking, skiing, or surfing.

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Madjid Mohseni 

Madjid Mohseni (Ph.D., P.Eng.) is a Professor at the University of British Columbia, and an expert in drinking water quality and treatment. Dr. Mohseni’s research involves laboratory scale development and investigation, as well as field evaluation of the technologies under real operating conditions at partner community sites.


Dr. Mohseni is the co-director of the RESEAU Centre for Mobilizing Innovation, a multi-disciplinary Knowledge Mobilization program funded by the Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) and partners from industry, communities, government and NGOs, focusing on achieving socioeconomically and technologically sustainable outcomes in water health and well-being for Indigenous and non-urban communities. Among the core programs of RESEAU CMI include initiatives to foster increased involvement of Indigenous Youth in STEM and hone their innovative spirits towards solutions consistent with Indigenous sustainability value system.